Designing and facilitating processes


October 2016 - Present

Aarhus, Denmark

Team 23 - Kaospilot students


Process design and facilitation are, I believe key skills in working collectively towards certain aims. Over the last year I have practiced and developed my competency on this subject. 


Some examples of such projects:

Client project selection - Facilitating the process of organising 33 people into selecting 8 projects for a semester of work in Barcelona.

Kaospilot open house - Running 4 sessions for interested potential students of Kaospilot to learn about and experience what the education offers.

New organising structure - Designing and implementing a new structure of organising for our team during a semester of work in Barcelona.

My interest in this project

My main interest has been two fold: how to create processes with coherent flows to effectively reach certain aims, as well as how best to engage people on a high level of participation. Developing my skills in this area has been an essential part of my work during my studies at Kaospilots, a very hands on way to practice and implement what I have been learning. 


My role has varied between projects, but always involves both designing of the process, and then delivery.


I have greatly improved my presentation abilities, as well as ability to understand the needs of a certain process and design accordingly.

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