Starting and running an LED lighting consulting and installation business

January 2012 - May 2013

Perth, Australia


To learn about starting and running a business by doing it.


I wanted to create a sustainability focused business. Doing research, I ended up with the idea based around importing and selling LED lights. At this time LED lights were not in use so much, with a poor reputation, and the quality was increasing. I explored the demand, tested different products and created a business model. The focus was on business premises, to assess their current power usage, calculate potential savings by swapping to LED’s, then install the lights.

My interest in this project

This was my choice of project for my final year of school. My interest in doing this was to just do business. I enjoyed geeking out on the lights and figuring out how to measure the value in them.


Business owner


A process for delivering the service, partnerships with quality producers, increased awareness in LED lights.

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