Designing and testing hospitality education platform

March - May 2017

A Coruña, Spain


David Carrizo. David is a hotel advisor working in A Coruna, in Northern Spain, whose primary work is around the concept of Slow Hotels, supporting business owners in this space. The philosophy of Slow hotels is about the focus on quality, sustainability and unique experience, as a true extension of the owner. 


The aim of this project was to design a program for hospitality students to develop themselves and their skills in order to build a path within the hospitality and tourism industries, with a focus on sustainability, quality and guest experience.


To begin we needed to develop a model to test. We then researched by contacting relevant stakeholders - students, schools, professionals. A tool was designed - a guest experience framework - which we then used for the prototype workshops. 

My interest in this project

What drew me to this project was the focus on creating a more sustainable travel industry. David’s focus with slow hotels was to support and highlight small scale establishments who provided unique, personal and human scale experiences.


I was leading the project and process we were undertaking, and managing our work.


A workshop framework for guest experience design, connections with two schools interested in collaborating further with David, and data around interest and needs within the market.

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