Leading the organisation process of a team of 38 people

January - June 2017

Aarhus, Denmark






Team 23 (first year students) of Kaospilot


To set up and start running the organisation, the structure to organise ourselves as a team of 38 people, thus supporting the work on different parallel, team-wide and individual projects.


For the second semester of our first year I was part of the leadership core for our organisation. Our role was to organise how we were working, coordinate between different project and work groups and maintain communication and overview during our semester. This included establishing our structure and framework, hosting of meetings, touchpoints and processes with the team.

My interest in this project

To practice leading and coordinating a team of people at a new scale. I have a growing interest in organisational design and a desire to grow my competence at designing and facilitating processes for groups.


Coordination of team wide project, internal communication, overall planning and facilitation of the organisation.


We created the frame for operating during our semester, and the foundation for a continually evolving organisation. The organisation as a platform supported projects on an individual level, small group and team-wide project level. Our main focus for the semester was a project for Space 10 and IKEA. As a leadership group we were able to coordinate the final execution of our deliverables in the form of an interactive experience and written publication.

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