Supporting a shift towards a value-based business model

October – December, 2017

Barcelona, Spain


Morten Vejrup Hansen

Veera Hyytiä

Noora Siren


Inédit is an eco-design agency in Barcelona working with making business more sustainable through different eco-innovation and eco-design consultation services.


The purpose of the project was to support the Inèdit team’s early steps in the shift from a traditional consultancy business model into a more value-based, strategic approach.


We designed a process for the leaders of the company to map out the current state of the business and to design their own desired next steps. In practice this the work included conducting a series of interviews with Inèdit employees, the design and execution of 4 workshops with the leadership team and whole team, as well as the synthesis of insights gained throughout the project.

My interest in this project

Both the work that Inédit is doing, and their current challenge is very interesting to me. The big question for Inèdit was how to design and implement a business model centred around value creation in a way which is benefits their clients and is viable for them. This question was the driving curiosity for me in this project. 


My role was to support the team work as well as offer a specific viewpoint into the business model creation phase of the project.


In the 6-week project period we delivered a series of 4 workshops – with focus on current activities & vision, new business models, strategic direction and team building, as well as a synthesis of insights during the project. 

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