Leading publishing of outpost report


November - December 2017

Barcelona, Spain


Ellen Ericsson

Noora Siren

Sophie Pi

Team 23 - Kaospilot students


The purpose of the outpost report is to demonstrate the work we have done as Team 23 during our fourth semester in Barcelona. This includes the projects we worked on, the value we created and our learnings as individuals and a team.


Leading this project involved first designing the content and structure of the report based on the criteria, facilitating workshops with he team to collect perspectives and input and coordinating different team members in writing parts of the report. The next step was to edit, curate and proof read the parts as whole to hand over to the visual and formatting team

My interest in this project

My interest in managing this project was in the challenge of coordinating our team of 30 people to collaborate, and creating and maintaining an overview during the publishing process.


I lead the collection and coordination of the content for the report from the team as well as the editing and proof reading.


The resulting report is a 116 page publication which communicates our project work, internal organisation structure, experience in Barcelona and exploration and evaluation of the value we created. 

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